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Do you offer sedation dentistry?

Woman at Dentist | Dentist Grapevine TX Our personal approach to dentistry puts patients at ease without the need for sedation dentistry, though we do offer nitrous oxide as a courtesy for patients who need it. When done properly, dental anesthetic will eliminate any pain you feel during your procedure.

Dr. Michael Colangelo prides himself on making even the most fearful patients feel completely comfortable.

How We Help You Relax

He begins by explaining everything before he does anything, so you know exactly what to expect. He will communicate with you throughout your appointment to make sure you stay comfortable at all times. He is an expert at anesthetizing, so you won’t feel a thing.

Most of our patient reviews include praise regarding the comfortable care they have received in our office. So many of our patients are actually shocked at how comfortable and relaxing their appointments are. It really puts a smile on our faces when we can turn those negative feeling of the past into the rave reviews we receive.

To see more about what others are saying, visit our testimonials page.

Dental Anxiety Relief in Grapevine TX

If you are a patient who has avoided dental care in the past because of fear or nervousness, come in and meet our team. We are a privately owned dental practice with one dentist – Dr. Colangelo. You never have to worry about re-introducing yourself to us when you come in for your appointment. We will be waiting to welcome you. So if you're looking to schedule your next appointment, give us a call today!

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