Dentures and Implant-Retained Dentures in Grapevine TX

Missing teeth do not have to be the end of a beautiful and functional smile. At Grapevine Dental, we offer a variety of tooth replacement options and will discuss the pros and cons of each if you are facing dental extractions or wish to complete your smile.

Dentures in Grapevine TX | Grapevine DentalModern Dentures Are Esthetic and Attractive

Unlike old-fashioned dentures, modern dentures take both function and appearance into account. Wearing boxy, fake-looking dentures is a thing of the past because denture teeth and the materials we use have improved dramatically.

Dr. Michael Colangelo will work with you and create custom dentures designed to enable you to enjoy the foods you love and feel great about the way you look.

Which Dentures Are Right for Me?

We offer a variety of denture styles to complete your smile. The type that will work best for you depends largely upon your oral health, whether you still have natural teeth, and your goals for your smile.

  • Complete dentures – If you are facing complete dental extractions or currently have a full upper or lower denture that no longer fits properly, complete dentures offer a solution. Many patients appreciate the simplicity of replacing all of their missing teeth at once with complete dentures, which have been popular for centuries. Today’s complete dentures consist of a pink resin base and natural-looking denture teeth. Opting to replace your teeth with complete dentures allows you to make esthetic decisions regarding the appearance of your smile. Our dental experts can create a white, youthful smile without your teeth looking false.
  • Partial dentures – When you still have some of your natural teeth, partial dentures complete your smile with a metal, pink resin, or flexible base that supports artificial teeth in place. A partial denture locks in with clasps that anchor to your natural teeth. Occasional adjustments will help your partial denture fit comfortably, as they can become distorted with daily use.

Implant-Retained DenturesDentures Patients in Grapevine TX | Grapevine Dental

For some patients, creating dentures that stay put securely creates a challenge. If you would like added confidence so you never have to worry about embarrassing mishaps when you eat or laugh, implant-retained dentures combine the affordability of dentures with the stability of dental implants.

By placing 4 to 6 dental implants, we can design a denture that locks into place. It will only release when you remove it for cleaning and maintenance.

The added reliability of implant-retained dentures allows patients to lead active social and professional lives without worry about an ill-timed denture mishap.

Are You Ready to Have Your Smile Back?

Contact Grapevine Dental and schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Colangelo. His warm nature and gentle treatment style make effective dentistry a painless and even enjoyable experience.

His experience with denture design has helped many of our patients regain their self-esteem in the wake of tooth loss.