General Dentistry in Grapevine, TX

The general dentistry we provide at Grapevine Dental encompasses all of the dental services you will need to achieve and maintain optimum oral health and a beautiful smile.

Dr. Michael Colangelo, our top Grapevine, TX dentist, is dedicated to exemplary dental care and taking care of our patients in an individualized and personal way that makes dentistry a stress-free experience. His team is equally patient-focused, meaning you will get the best care from a gentle and compassionate team of individuals at Grapevine Dental.

If you would like more information about our general dentistry in Grapevine, TX, or if you would like to schedule an exam, contact our team today.General Dentistry | Grapevine Dental

Meanwhile, check out some of the questions we hear most often from new patients!

What is the difference between preventive dentistry and general dentistry?

The foundation of good oral health is prevention and early diagnosis. When you become a patient in our office, we get to know your needs and develop treatment plans that benefit your oral and overall health. Your treatment plan will be exclusive to you and based on specific findings.

Preventive Dentistry

Prevention begins at home. In other words, it’s important to brush and floss twice per day and avoid sugary treats and drinks.  

Prevention means that you should visit our Grapevine, TX dental office regularly and have teeth cleanings at least twice per year. Periodic x-rays are also important. These recommendations are based on findings from the American Dental Association. However, you may need additional or more involved dental cleanings, for example, if you have gum disease or are prone to cavities.  

Comprehensive dental exams – Dr. Colangelo will examine each tooth and your gums, perform an oral cancer exam, and discuss anything he finds that he thinks requires attention. Additionally, when a dental condition arises, he will present all your treatment options and help you make a choice that works well for you.
Professional dental cleanings – No two cleanings are alike because no two patients are alike. Some patients need a regular polish, while others may have some catching up to do. Our hygienist is dedicated to educating patients, preventing and treating gum disease, and providing gentle dental cleanings. Dental cleanings remove the bacteria and tartar that your toothbrush leaves behind. This buildup can cause cavities, periodontal disease, or emergency infections that may require a root canal or extraction.
Digital dental x-rays – Dental x-rays help Dr. Colangelo see what lies beneath the surface of your teeth and gums. With regular dental x-rays, he can detect dental conditions in their earliest stages before they become more complex and costly to treat. Digital dental x-rays are safe, with up to 80 percent less radiation, and fast, appearing instantly on our in-office monitors.

General Dentistry

General dentistry picks up where preventive dentistry leaves off. It is here that we apply maintenance based on exam findings or your symptoms coupled with x-ray images. We may find that you need a root canal, filling, restorations, or other specific treatments and procedures to help keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Our dentist considers general dentistry any treatment or procedure that will keep your teeth and gums healthy for life.  

What types of general dentistry services do you offer?

Our top Grapevine, TX dentist treats your teeth and gums based on exam findings, your symptoms, and your x-ray images.

Our services include everything you need to maintain a healthy smile including:

  • FillingsGeneral Dentist | Grapevine Dental
  • Root canals
  • Restorations to keep your bite healthy
  • Dental crowns
  • Orthodontics such as Invisalign clear braces
  • Other specific treatments or procedures

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

If you undergo complex root canal therapy, suffer a trauma, or have a tooth that is deeply decayed, a filling may not be strong enough to keep the tooth sturdy and you risk breakage.

At Grapevine Dental, our top dentist will recommend a dental crown if your tooth is at risk.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cover that goes over an existing tooth. It restores your bite force and the appearance of that tooth.

Are dental x-rays safe?

At Grapevine Dental, we use digital x-rays, which emit low radiation. You are likely to have higher radiation exposure after standing outside for a few minutes. Digital x-rays are also much better for the environment because there is no developing solution to dispose of.

Dr. Michael Colangelo relies on digital x-rays because he wants each patient to have a safe x-ray experience and the best quality images to help him plan your dental care.

What types of restorative dentistry do you offer?

Few of us will escape the need to have at least one tooth repaired during our lifetimes.

When you have a cavity, broken or cracked tooth, or even tooth loss, you can count on receiving outstanding restorative dentistry at Grapevine Dental. We use the latest materials as well as modern techniques and dental knowledge to create fillings, crowns, bridges, and dental implants that complement your smile and look completely natural.

From tooth-colored fillings to our highly aesthetic and state-of-the-art BruxZir® crowns, we are here to help you discover that dentistry can enhance and improve your smile without leaving a mark.

Additionally, restorative dentistry is good for your self-esteem and your oral health. A strong bite is important for your diet and well-being.

From partials and dentures to root canals and extractions, our mission is to provide solution-based dentistry that supports a lifetime of healthy smiles no matter where you are starting now. Whether you are in excellent oral health or your smile could use some TLC, we welcome you and will customize your treatment based on your goals without pressure and with the highest level of respect. 

We also believe in outstanding comfort and gentle dentistry.

I feel anxious. Can you help me?

Our personal approach to dentistry puts patients at ease without the need for sedation dentistry, though we do offer nitrous oxide as a courtesy for patients who need it. When done properly, dental anesthetic will eliminate any pain you feel during your procedure.

Dr. Michael Colangelo prides himself on making even the most fearful patients feel completely comfortable.

He begins by explaining everything before he does anything, so you know exactly what to expect. He will communicate with you throughout your appointment to make sure you stay comfortable at all times. He is an expert at anesthetizing!.

Most of our patient reviews include praise regarding the comfortable care they have received in our office. So many of our patients are actually shocked at how comfortable and relaxing their appointments are. It really puts a smile on our faces when we can turn those negative feelings of the past into the rave reviews we receive.

If you are a patient who has avoided dental care in the past because of fear or nervousness, come in and meet our team. We are a privately owned dental practice with one dentist—Dr. Colangelo. You never have to worry about re-introducing yourself to us when you come in for your appointment. We will be waiting to welcome you.

How can I schedule an exam?

Not all dental offices are the same. We invite you to join the Grapevine Dental family where your smile is our number one priority. To schedule an exam, contact our caring team today, or you can schedule online for convenience.

We look forward to meeting you!