Root Canal Treatment in Grapevine TX

Root Canal Grapevine TX | Grapevine DentalOne of our core values at Grapevine Dental is being there for patients when they need us most. We strive to treat dental emergencies quickly, especially for those patients experiencing tooth pain.

Inflammation or a toothache can stop your regular activities in their tracks. Simple things like eating, sleeping, and concentrating become impossible.

We are here for you. 

Dr. Michael Colangelo sought out additional training and experience in order to better serve his patients. We treat most emergencies, even extractions and root canals, right here without the need for a referral.

Root Canal Treatment Actually Relieves Pain

The pain you experience when your tooth has an infection is typically caused by the accompanying inflammation and its location near the nerve. Root canal therapy removes the infection inside your tooth.

Even though root canal therapy has a bad reputation, you can count on comfortable treatment here in our Grapevine dental office. Dr. Colangelo has a gentle chairside manner, a friendly and approachable personality, and a dedication to providing our community with world-class dentistry. If anyone can make a root canal a positive experience, it is Dr. Colangelo.

We never begin treatment until you are completely comfortable. We even offer nitrous oxide if you experience anxiety regarding treatment.

If you have pain, swelling, discoloration of a tooth, or sudden sensitivity, you may need a root canal. Dr. Colangelo will perform an emergency exam and we will take an x-ray for accurate diagnosis.

How Root Canal Treatment WorksRoot Canal Grapevine TX | Grapevine Dental

When we recommend a root canal, it is with a singular goal in mind – to save a troubled tooth. Saving your natural teeth, whenever possible, is usually the best approach to protecting your oral health. Tooth loss leads to a host of other conditions including bone loss, a misaligned bite, and further tooth loss.

Root canal therapy removes infection and diseased tissue from inside your tooth. This provides patients with much-needed relief and starts the healing process. While some sensitivity is normal for a few days after treatment, you should feel dramatically better each day.

Effective Root Canal Therapy Aftercare

Because we remove the nerve and tissue from inside your tooth, your tooth will become more brittle after treatment. We can add additional support and stability with a dental crown.

We use the most advanced dental crowns available on the market, BruxZir® dental crowns, which can add years of comfort and extend the life of your tooth.

If You Have Tooth Pain, Don’t Delay!

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can take care of you and help you feel like yourself again. Delaying treatment can lead to tooth loss. Root canal treatment is nothing to fear, especially when you have the Grapevine Dental team on your side.